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man performing tree removal in Chattanooga

Tree Removal In Chattanooga

Our crew speaks fluent tree. We have the ability to assess your tree situation, and help you find the best solution to your specific problem. This tree removal thing is an art, and we're really good at it. Maybe the tree is dead or dying, its roots are are threatening damage to your property, or it’s simply become a safety hazard. No matter what the reason, our team competently performs full tree take-downs, using low-impact techniques to remove unwanted trees from tip to stump, and always safely.

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Chattanooga tree pruning and care

Chattanooga Tree Pruning & Care

Proper pruning is necessary to maintain not only the shape of your trees, but also their overall health. Just like trimming your hair keeps it healthy and helps it grow, light pruning and removal of dead branches helps a tree grow strong. Maintaining the tree’s structure through well-planned pruning can also help mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches, while also encouraging proper weight distribution as a tree matures.

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men performing a high-risk tree removal service

High-Risk Tree Removal Service

Trees can be beautiful, and add a lot of aesthetic appeal to a property, but some are good candidates for removal, and here’s why. Some trees have been planted too close to homes, threatening their structural integrity with root systems that can cause damage. Tree roots can also break up driveways and sidewalks, or shade a yard so much that a nice lawn or any other healthy vegetation is no longer an option. Dead trees can also be a liability, threatening to fall and cause damage to your home or worse yet, the home of a neighbor.

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man performing emergency tree removal near you while standing in front of a tree destroyed by a storm .

Tree Storm Damage

We can't control the weather, but we can prepare your property for the harsh weather Chattanooga often affords. It’s extremely important to keep tabs on your yard, and make sure there are no hazardous trees or limbs that could cause damage to your property or neighboring properties. Most damage occurs from falling trees or limbs that break off and come crashing down. High-winds and over-saturated soil conditions can cause roots to fail or even branches to weaken and become susceptible to failure. 

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Chattanooga stump grinding

Stump Grinding

Do you have an unwanted tree stump in your yard? Stumps can be problematic for many reasons. On top of being an eyesore, they get in the way of other yard maintenance like mowing, they can be a trip-hazard for kids or people walking through, and they can also start to rot potentially playing host to home-damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants. Not only do left-behind tree stumps detract from the aesthetics of your yard, but keeping them around can also quickly go from innocuous to inherently risky.

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man using diseased tree injections on a tree.

Diseased Tree Injections

If you've got a sick tree on your hands, you may want to call a professional for advice. A soil injection is a method of applying pesticides, plant-resistance activators, and certain types of fertilizers into the xylem vascular tissue of a tree. This application is precise and targeted, with the purpose of protecting the tree from pests or providing corrections for existing nutrient deficiencies that can adversely affect overall tree health.

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Tree care nearby

Tree Root Care

Even though you often can’t see them, tree roots play a critical role in a tree's health. These underground water collectors also provide the tree with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Tree roots also bear the weighty responsibility of anchoring the tree to the earth. Without proper care, tree roots have the power to invade flower beds, lift sidewalks, and even threaten building foundations– but of course, root issues can absolutely have an adverse affect overall tree health.

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vertical mulching in a residential front yard

Vertical Mulching

What is vertical mulching? Vertical mulching is a technique used to help alleviate soil compaction in the critical root zones of trees. Compacted soil can be detrimental to the tree’s health by reducing the amount of pore space that allows room for oxygen and water– both vital to the tree’s wellbeing. If you have a struggling tree in your yard, the soil surrounding it may be compacted. Let us help.

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people performing tree care health consultations

Tree Care Health Consultations

Trees can get sick too, and at Paden Tree People, we’re the M.D.s of the tree world. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat tree problems, and provide you with the best possible solutions. There are many diseases and pests that can affect tree health, and they vary greatly based on species and region. Our team is versed in providing systematic treatments for these issues with the potential to save unhealthy trees, preserving their hardiness for years to come.

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Licensed and Insured

Paden Tree People is fully insured and bonded, protecting your property and our crew from injury or liability. This means that in the unlikely instance that something should go wrong, we are fully prepared to remedy any unforeseen challenges. Ultimately, the equates to a guarantee that you will get what you asked for and ensures you have no surprise expenses along the way.