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What it Takes—Chattanooga Tree Pruning

Proper Chattanooga tree pruning is necessary to maintain not only the shape of your trees but also their overall health. Just like trimming your hair keeps it healthy and helps it grow, light pruning and removal of dead branches help a tree grow strong. 

Maintaining the tree’s structure through well-planned pruning can also help mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches, while also encouraging proper weight distribution as a tree matures. Removing dead or dying branches can benefit the whole tree by stopping decay organisms and unwanted pests than can be harmful. Thinning a tree’s canopy cover can also help increase the flow of air and sunlight, all contributing to the tree’s health. We offer spikeless pruning to provide the most beneficial results for healthy, beautiful trees.

The Best Ways to Prune

Without causing any noticeable damage to the tree, most light, routine tree pruning can be completed any time during the year. This involves removing weak, unwanted, and/or dead limbs. However, to maximize growth potential, the absolute best time to prune a tree is just before the spring growth flush. Heavy pruning of trees just after the spring growth could cause damage to the tree and should be avoided as it can leave open pruning woods in the wood. As a result, this can lead to tree diseases such as Anthracnose, Oak wilt, and other Canker diseases.

If you need to remove heavy branches, make sure you shorten the branch to a stub before you cut it off at the branch collar to prevent ripping the bark. Make the following three cuts with a sharp pruning saw:

Step 1: The First Cut

When looking at the branch, mark about a foot up from the branch collar (the collar is the "shoulder" between the branch and the tree trunk). From the underside of the branch, make a cut about one-third of the way through the branch.

Step 2: Cutting From Above

Measuring from the first cut, make another mark about an inch further up the tree branch. Once the mark has been made, cut through the top of the branch until you see the branch ripping apart—there should be a clean split between the two cuts made.

Step 3: The Collar

The final cut will be made at the shoulder of the tree branch. Placed just outside the top of the branch collar, saw beside the branch bark ridge at a downward angle away from the tree trunk. This will result in the remainder of the limb splitting off without damaging or ripping the rest of the tree bark.

Fast Facts about Chattanooga Tree Pruning

  • The three main reasons tree pruning is important are safety, health, and aesthetics.

  • Tree maintenance, specifically pruning, is imperative for tree health. Pruning allows us to shepherd a tree’s growth in the preferred direction, and the removal of dead or dying branches helps to promote overall tree health.

  • Pruning starts with a visual inspection of the tree at hand.

  • There is a correct and specific way to prune a branch of a tree. If done incorrectly, it may have negative effects and may even lead to the death of a tree; such as tree topping.
  • This work can be done at any time of the year, but it is best to call a professional to assess the optimal tree pruning schedule.

  • Every time a pruning cut is made, the tree is left with a wound. It is always best to consult with a professional to discuss the proper ways and times of the year to make such cuts for the health of the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time of the year to prune trees? The best time of the year to prune a tree is during its "dormant" season. Usually, this takes place right before springtime, however, Chattanooga tree pruning can technically be done during any time of the year. It is best to consult with a professional before pruning to avoid causing tree diseases from open wounds and to prevent any unnecessary damage that may come to the tree.

What does tree pruning do? Pruning involves removing weak, unwanted, and/or dead limbs. It can also help deter pests and animal infestation as well as expose other trees and shrubs to more sunlight and air circulation.

How much does tree pruning cost? Pruning varies depending on what the job entails. Contact our team today for a Free Estimate!

Will Chattanooga tree pruning damage the tree? On the contrary, tree pruning actually helps the tree remain healthy. Pruning helps get rid of dead, dying, or diseased branches. With that being said, over-pruning a tree can kill the tree over time by creating too many weak branches. These weak branches can cause the tree to essentially exhaust itself trying to replenish its canopy. It can also result in the infestation of insects and diseases.

Where do you make cuts when pruning a tree? Most cuts take place at the end of the branch and work towards the tree trunk. This is to prevent the split branch from ripping any bark or excess tree away from the trunk. Every cut takes place above the tree branch's shoulder or the collar.

How often should I prune my trees? General tree trimming and shrub trimming can be done twice a year, however, tree pruning should only be done annually.

If you need a tree pruned or have any other questions, contact us today for a free estimate, or visit our FAQs page!

Chattanooga tree pruning and care