Crane Tree Removal

Crane Tree Removal in Chattanooga, TN

Our tree crane is our piece of equipment that is used for difficult tree work and removals where the tree might be very high or hard to access. It’s not the same as the stationary cranes used for construction; tree cranes are mounted on large trucks. 

The bottom of the crane has an operator seat for the crane. This highly skilled and trained member of the tree care crew sits and operates the crane from the ground. The crane’s boom (the “arm”) can extend and move to reach some of the tallest trees in our area. It’s used to lift climbers into the trees and also to carefully remove heavy, bulky sections of trees. 

Cranes assist with tree removals in the following ways: 

  • They allow our Tree People to cut taller trees from the top down. 
  • The equipment ensures safety for workers working at great heights. 
  • Expedite the tree cutting process so we can be out of your way as fast as possible.

Fast Facts about Crane Tree Removal in Chattanooga

  • Some trees in Tennessee are too large to be addressed by a ladder or bucket truck only, which necessitates a tree removal crane that can reach extreme heights and carry heavier weights. 
  • To stabilize the crane our Paden Tree People consider how large the tree is, the slope of the ground around it, and the properties of the earth (is it dry dirt, mud, etc.) 
  • If the tree is strong enough, the crane can be used to place a worker onto the tree where they will then attach themselves. 
  • Mature trees, including their rootball, weigh thousands of pounds. A crane can properly lift, move, and remove larger trees. 
  • Trees on a house need to be aerially lifted off the house. Climbing or bucket truck tree removal can be very dangerous in these instances. The crane is the only tool that will be able to remove a tree that has fallen on the house safely without further damage to the property.

Crane tree removal takes training, skill, experience, and time. However, when it is necessary, it is in most cases the only solution. If you have a difficult tree that requires crane tree removal, contact us today for a free estimate, or visit our FAQs page!

Crane Tree Removal