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Health Consultations—Chattanooga Tree Care

Trees can get sick too, and at Paden Tree People, we’re the M.D.s of the tree world. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat tree problems and provide you with the best possible solutions. There are many diseases and pests that can affect tree health, and they vary greatly based on species and region. Our team is well-versed in providing systematic treatments for these issues with the potential to save unhealthy trees, preserving their hardiness for years to come.

Signs for a Consultation

There are a number of reasons to consult a professional about the trees in your landscape. You might suspect that something has been chewing on the leaves of your trees, or you have noticed that your yard isn't looking as healthy as it has in the past. Or, you have just recently moved to a new location, and you are curious about the environment of your new yard. The Paden Tree People are here to assist you no matter your reasoning.

Some signs that a tree may need attention are:

  • Excessive broken branches
  • Tree leaning
  • Unusual leaves
  • Absent leaves
  • Unusual flowers
  • Unusual fruit
  • Visible insect activity
  • Abnormal growth of fungi
  • Decaying trees or plants

Other Signs of Tree Stress

There are numerous signs that a tree can be diseased or stressed, and it is important to recognize these signs so that you can contact a professional when they arise. Other signs of tree stress include an unusual amount of dead limbs, thin foliage, and fewer leaves, leaves change color during a time of the year that they shouldn't. Tree stress can be caused my numerous different things such as construction, compaction, concrete, asphalt, filler dirt, underwatering, overwatering, improper pruning, and even insects and disease.

If you suspect a tree on your property may be unhealthy, we’d love to help you diagnose and treat the problem. Contact us for your tree care today, or visit our FAQs page!

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