Vertical Mulching

Enhancing Tree Health

Is your tree struggling to thrive? In a lot of ways, your trees are just like you! They too need fresh air and water, however, soil compaction can oftentimes make this difficult to attain. That is when vertical mulching comes into play.

What is Vertical Mulching? 

It is a specialized technique used to alleviate soil compaction within a tree's critical root zones. Compacted soil restricts oxygen and water penetration, which is essential for a tree's overall well being. If you have a struggling tree in your yard, the soil surrounding it may be compacted. Let us help!

The Mulching Process

Using precision equipment, we carefully drill holes around the tree's dripline, which is the are directly under the outer circumference of the tree branches. Extreme care must be taken during this process to ensure no tree roots are harmed as the holes are drilled. These holes are then filled with pea gravel, sand, or compost mix, based on soil type, creating well-aerated pickets that promote water and oxygen infiltration.

Benefits of Vertical Mulching in Chattanooga

The ultimate goal of vertical mulching is to overcome the stress a tree can face in an unnatural environment:

  1. Improved soil aeration and water absorption.
  2. Healthier plant roots and enhanced tree vitality.
  3. Reduced stress from environmental factors.
  4. Increased resistance to overwatering and dry spells.

Signs Your Tree Needs Vertical Mulching

The best time for vertical mulching is during the growing season, when soil recovery is optimal, allowing for improved grass growth and soil revitalization. That said, you might be wondering to yourself, what are the signs your tree needs this service?

  • Pooling or puddling water around the base of the tree.
  • Hard soil unsuitable for shovel penetration.
  • Sparse growth of grass and weeds.
  • Water runoff on elevated areas.

If you or someone you know is interested in Chattanooga vertical mulching, contact us today for a free estimate, or visit our FAQs page!

Vertical mulching in Chattanooga