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Even though you often can’t see them, tree roots play a vital role in a tree’s life. These water collectors provide the tree with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and thrive. Tree roots also bear the weighty responsibility of anchoring the tree to the earth. Without proper tree plant care, tree roots have the power to invade flower beds, lift sidewalks, and even threaten building foundations– but of course, root problems can also adversely affect overall tree health.

How Tree Roots in Chattanooga Grow

The tree root system of a tree grows in the direction that the environment supplies nutrients, oxygen, warmth, and water. There is no set pattern in which roots grow, and they only grow when the environment around them is just right. A huge part of caring for your trees is understanding the environment they need to prosper in. Providing your trees with healthy soil and the proper nutrients to grow is of the utmost importance not only to root growth but also to canopy growth.

There are many ways to injure a tree's roots. They can physically be injured by digging, trenching, or tilling when excavating for streets, sidewalks, foundations, driveways, and drains. Furthermore, roots can also become diseased due to repeated drought, excess water, over-fertilization, or salt.

Damaged tree root symptoms:

  • Plants slowly dying and wilting over time.
  • The buds and twigs of a plant immediately die.
  • Early fall colors.
  • Sparse leaves, wilting, and branch dieback on the sides of the plant.

If you have a tree in your yard with roots that requires tree plant care, let Paden Tree People come to diagnose and offer treatment options for handling the "root" of the issue. We are well-educated and eager– ready to come to the rescue of any tree that needs a little TLC.

Fast Facts about Tree Plant Care in Chattanooga:

  • During dry months, mature trees require deep watering in order to keep the roots healthy and strong.

  • Roots need oxygen, so make sure the soil surrounding your tree isn’t too compacted to allow the roots healthy access to both oxygen and water. If your soil is compacted, you may need to consider vertical mulching to alleviate the problem.

  • Spreading mulch around the base of a tree can help protect the roots from drying, adding extra moisture and nutrients that help keep the tree healthy.

  • Avoid disturbing the tree’s roots, as cutting them can leave them vulnerable to decay, disease, and various harmful pests.

Frequently Asked Tree Root Care Questions

  • How often and how much should a tree be watered? Trees need about one inch of water per week. Supplemental watering is most critical during the first few years after a tree is planted when roots are established.

  • Can trees be overwatered? Yes. Roots need water and oxygen to grow. As water is applied, it displaces oxygen in the soil pore spaces.

  • Should I avoid spreading mulch? Not at all, just ensure that the mulch is a shallow layer around the tree. You don’t want to dramatically alter the Basel area (where the tree touches the ground) of the tree.

  • How can I fix compacted soil? Vertical mulching can help fix compacted soil.

  • Is it okay to cut exposed or unwanted tree roots? Try not to, because cutting any of the roots can lead to many potential health issues for the tree.

  • Do roots just provide water and nutrients to the tree? They also anchor it in place, keeping the tree secure.

If you are still interested in Chattanooga tree root protection, contact us today for a free estimate, or visit our FAQs page!

Tree Root Care in Chattanooga