Posted in Tree Removal on Oct 13, 2023

Why Winter is the Best Time of Year for Tree Removal

While trees are a great feature on any property, they can pose issues for homeowners in certain cases. Dead or dying trees can easily fall and damage structures or vehicles on your property. Even healthy trees can cause damage to property if heavy branches fall during a storm. If you’ve noticed some trees in your yard that look old or sick or are just too close to your home for comfort, it may be time for removal. But, when is the best time of year for tree removal? While tree removal can be accomplished at nearly any time of year, there are several reasons to schedule removal during the winter. Let’s explore three major reasons why winter is the best time of year for tree removal.

Why Winter Is The Best Time Of The Year for Tree Removal

1. Dormant Trees are Easier to Remove

During the winter months, deciduous trees will usually become dormant. This means the trees have shed their leaves and slowed their growth, making them less robust than they would be in other seasons. This makes them easier to cut down and remove safely. Since dormant trees have no leaves, it is easier to see the tree’s structure and make a precise plan for removal. Additionally, the lack of leaves makes the tree less heavy and easier to remove.

2. Faster Turnaround Time

Winter is often an off-peak season for tree removal services. Most homeowners think to schedule tree work during spring and summer. This leads to decreased demand in winter and tree removal companies will typically have more open availability. If you’re concerned about quick service and flexible availability, winter is the best time of year for tree removal service.

3. Preemptive Safety Measures

Removing problem trees in winter allows you to address the potential hazards they pose before any damage is done. Weak or damaged branches are more likely to break and fall during winter storms when they are laden with ice and snow. Removing them in advance can prevent accidents, damage to your property, and power outages during winter weather events.

The Best Time of Year for Tree Removal is Winter - Paden Tree People Can Help

If you’ve been putting off tree removal or other tree care projects, now is the time to act. Removing or pruning trees in the winter will set you up for more safety in the following seasons. By making sure your trees are carefully pruned or removed in the winter, you can have peace of mind that your home and property will be safe from falling limbs during winter weather and year-round storms. If you’re ready to get rid of some of those problem trees, Paden Tree People is here to help. We’ve been serving the Chattanooga region with our tree removal services, tree pruning, stump grinding, root care treatment and other services since 2017 and would love to help with your tree needs. If you’d like to get a quote or take advantage of the best time of year for tree removal, contact us today.