Posted in Crane Tree Removal on Aug 19, 2022

New Equipment Announcement: Tree Removal Crane

We are thrilled to announce that we have added a tree removal crane to our equipment lineup! At Paden Tree People the tools, equipment, and vehicles we use for our tree maintenance services are vital to doing the job as efficiently and safely as possible. The right tools and equipment used by the knowledgeable experts at Paden Tree People are what make us Chattanooga’s choice for tree removals.

New Equipment Announcement: Tree Removal Crane

What does the tree removal crane do?

When we arrive at your property we park the crane and level it at the job site using outriggers placed on blocks or pads. If some of the wheels are off the ground when the crane is leveled, don’t worry, our crane won’t tip! The outriggers support the crane so that it’s perfectly stable before the boom section of the crane is used. That boom section of the crane is what lets our Paden Tree People work on the tallest trees in Chattanooga, ensuring a quick and safe removal.

Why would a tree removal crane be necessary for my job?

Our new tree removal crane might be warranted if we need extra help accessing hard-to-reach areas of a yard or property, for example: 

  • If there are nearby buildings, or your home is close to another. 
  • An external wall or gate blocks our access to the tree on your property. 
  • The landscape makes the tree hard to reach for any other reason.

For especially large trees, the typical removal method of rigging it down could cause potential danger to life and property. With tree removal cranes our Paden Tree People trim the tree from the top-down, limb by limb. We lift each out to the drop zone for our ground crew. 

This process maximizes safety and lets us take down a tree that in other circumstances might not be possible to remove. If you have a difficult tree that requires a tree removal crane, contact us today for a free estimate, or visit our FAQs page!