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Crane Tree Removal on the Historic W Road

Tree Work for the Town of Walden: Maintaining the Historic W Road

The historic 'W Road' that runs up the side of Signal Mountain, Tennessee is unique in its access and curvature. With its three distinctive hairpin turns, the 'W' provides citizens and visitors of the Town of Walden with a shorter pass to the top of Signal Mountain, while making way for the distinctive and beautiful rock formations, trees, and waterfalls that hug closely alongside its twists and turns. Its initial construction happened in 1892, with a major renovation to pave and widen the road occurring in 1927, and final widening efforts in 1940. 

The historic 'W Road' that winding upthe side of Signal mountain showcasing Crane Tree Removal

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"Today, the road serves as reliable transportation down from Walden’s Ridge to Mountain Creek Road – as long as your vehicle doesn’t exceed 22 feet in length," according to CityScope Magazine. Needless to say, it's a drive you're likely never to forget, remaining a historic and local treasure to all who reside in the Chattanooga region.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of the W Road, is a great place to start!

W Road Safety and Maintenance

Understandably, these distinctive road features and adjacent natural elements are what make the safety and maintenance of the W Road so cumbersome.

Town of Walden officials recently contracted Paden Tree People to take on the difficult task of removing dead and dying Ash Trees that have been negatively impacted by the Emerald Ash Borer. This destructive insect was first discovered in Tennessee in 2010 and has since killed millions of ash trees across the state. For more information on the Emerald Ash Borer, check out our informative blog post– click here!

Dead or intrusive trees are no joke, especially aside a home or roadway. With regards to the W Road, the impact of a fallen tree could mean disaster, and not just for those passing by. The infrastructure in place along the 'W', specifically the retaining walls and paved roadway, are integral to the road's use and preservation. And with an already tricky relationship to water run-off, ensuring no damage to the road or surrounding environment was just as important during the tree removal as it is to make certain trees do not fall atop or alongside the road without intention.

Crane Tree Removal

A difficult feat for many, our Paden Tree People are professional arborists and one of the only Chattanooga tree specialists with a tree removal crane in their fleet. With the use of a tree removal crane, our tree people were able to lift out every tree, branch, and obstacle, ensuring zero negative impact to the surrounding environment or to the W Road itself.

Because of the road's unique design, there was no room or opportunity to drop or rig a tree for removal, making an aerial lift and removal of these Ash Trees necessary. Additionally, removal by crane meant no road or ground damage occurred, ensuring the integrity of all nearby habitat.

Tree work by crane work is ideal because it mitigates all of that potential damage. You're able to lift everything from where it sits and set it down slowly in a controlled manner elsewhere.

The Town of Walden

The Town of Walden is committed to taking all necessary measures to protect this historic road while preserving its natural beauty for years to come! Thanks to projects like these, future generations will be able to enjoy all that the W Road has to offer.

The W Road holds a special place in the hearts of Chattanoogans far and wide, and the opportunity to maintain this local treasure was an honor for Paden Tree People crew members.


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